Gate and Fence in Hialeah

Whether you are a private homeowner or a businessman, YMG Iron Works has the perfect gate and fencing solution for you!

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The Perfect Gate for Your Property

Aiming to provide unparalleled customer service, the team at YMG Iron Works works in tight collaboration with every client to ensure that the gates suit their specific needs. Whether you want a gate made from aluminum or iron, we design and manufacture an end product that offers both security and privacy.

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Gates that offer safety, security and privacy

Gate and Fence Hialeah

Commercial and Residential Gates

From residential to commercial and industrial property, the choice of the right gate hinges on several factors, such as security, aesthetics, functionality, space limitation and budget. Additionally, there is a wide variety of types of gates available, including:

  • Swing gates
  • Bifold gates
  • Tandem gates
  • Double sliding gate
  • Standard sliding gate

Contact the team at YMG Iron Works for more information on the type of services we offer. We also specialize in custom framed shower doors.

The choice of the right gate hinges on several factors

Gate and Fence Hialeah

Materials You Can Choose From Include

Stainless steel

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